The JUCO Kickoff Classic

A Fastpitch Headquarters Event in Clearwater Florida
in partnership with LDI Sports Consulting

How to Enter this Invitational Tournament

Registrations are only accepted via the online process using the fill-in form below.
Fill in the information as completely as possible, and then press the "Submit Entry" button.
A Registration Confirmation page will display and you should print that page for your records.
You will then receive an email with some additional forms and an invoice.
The Deadline for signed forms is 10 days after entry,
and the deadline for entry fee is November 1st.

JUCO Kickoff Classic & Showcase Entry Form

After submitting this entry form, a confirmation page will display that you should print.
Submission of this entry form is not a guarantee of participation in the tournament.
We must receive the required forms within 10 days and the entry fee by November 1st.
You will receive an email with an invoice based on number of games requested.

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Our team would like to play the following schedule:
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No Games    One    Two    Three    Four
No Games    One    Two    Three    Four

NOTICE: Subject to scheduling requirements, keep in mind that teams requesting to play only 1 day may be required to play on Friday or Sunday only. Also, depending on number of teams that enter, any requested play dates may need to be modified to fit the scheduling needs of the tournament. We will do our utmost to accommodate your requests as best we can.

Please list any information that will show the level of competitiveness of your team and your players, such as D1, D2, or your record from last year, etc. Also, please list anything that you think we should know about your scheduling needs, such as "Not available until afternoon" or whatever you think is important for us to know. You can even request to play specific teams or not to play specific teams and we will try to accommodate your requests.

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Our team needs hotel reservations:  YES  NO 
If you check "YES", you will need to make your reservations at one of the approved tournament hotels. You will receive more information about this and a Housing Agreement via email.
Our team will be flying to the tournament:  YES  NO 
If you check "YES", please include flight information in the Additional Information section, or advise us as soon as you have this information. The nearest airports for your convenience are Tampa International Airport which is 20 minutes from the venue and the Clearwater/St Petersburg International Airport which is 10 minutes from the venue.
NOTICE: In order to provide top-quality services at our event, we will be providing your name and contact information to third parties who are providing services at our event. Third parties may include hotels, travel consultant, tournament sponsors, and vendors. You may be contacted by email or phone by these parties.

If there is any additional information that you feel we should know, please enter it here.

Please make sure that all fields are filled in as completely as possible.
Missing information may delay your entry process.
Then press the "Submit Entry" button. Please be sure to print the confirmation page that displays.