How to Twitter our Events

You can download a copy of these instructions at FPTwitter Instructions.

Our Twitter username is FPHQ.

If you are attending a Fastpitch Headquarters event you can use Twitter to communicate your scores or to let everyone know about exciting things that happened during your games. It is easy to become a follower of FPHQ.

Go to
If you already have a Twitter username, follow us.

If you do not have a Twitter account, click on “Get Started - Join!”. Set up your account. Click on “Find People”, put in “fphq“, and then follow us.

PLAYERS - AFTER the game (not during since you should not be using your cell phone during the game), send us a tweet and tell us how your team did. Did you win? Who did you play? What was the score? Did you get a big hit, or a game winning RBI? Let us know what happened. But remember, good sportsmanship is mandatory. Any negative comments about your opponents or umpires will get you blocked. Let’s keep it positive. Remember that college coaches will be following us too so be careful what you say. And don’t monopolize Twitter. Keep your tweets short and sweet.

COACHES - Submit your team’s scores via Twitter. Just tweet us and we will post the score on the board. You can also tell us who was your MVP of the game or tell us about a great hit or that ESPN highlight defensive play. Give your girls a little pat on the back.

COLLEGE COACHES - While watching a game, let us know any good plays or tell us about an exciting match-up. Follow us on Twitter to read about some other games or even just to keep in touch with the tournament as it progresses.

PARENTS - report on how your daughter’s team is performing. Keep everyone back home updated on the score as the game progresses.

Twitter is a fun way to mini-blog. It really is easy…and fun!! The more people who participate during the tournament the better it will be.

Opting-in to SMS Updates (Cell Phone Texts)

  • Make sure that you have signed up on the Web at You need a Twitter account of your own.
  • Then text "follow fphq" to 40404 with your mobile.
  • Accept an invitation from a registered Twitter user via SMS or email.

    Follow FPHQ Online Here

    So you can follow FPHQ Twitter from our website, we offer both a Flash display and a html display below. You must have Flash 9 to view the Flash display, but the html display will show for everyone.

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