Services for Tournaments & Tournament Directors

We are here to help you with your tournament. These tournament services are offered to FPHQ members only, but membership is FREE! And most of the services we offer are totally FREE too! Some are even money-makers for YOU!!
You can post your tournaments online and also get your attending teams' player profile data online at NO CHARGE to you or to your teams! Or get an Online Store! So many services!! Check them all out!
  • Put Your Teams' Profiles Online
    Fastpitch Headquarters provides a secured online database where your attending teams can input their player profile data. College coaches can access this secure data online in advance of your tournament which allows them to pre-scout your players. The data can also be downloaded so you can use it for your showcase need for you to do the data maintenance. Additionally, if you prefer to "do it yourself", you can upload your database of team profiles directly to our online database. There is NO CHARGE to TDs for the FPDatabase service.

  • Offer Games LIVE and ON-DEMAND
    Coming soon to your event! Go to Point of View Tournament Cam for more information. POV Tournament Cam will provide webcam service for tournaments. Games are offered LIVE and ON-DEMAND by Point of View Tournament Cam so college coaches can watch the games online. And if parents, grandparents, or fans are unable to attend, they can still watch their favorite team. This is a fee-based service to the viewers. Tournaments receive commissions on subscriptions sold during the event.

  • Tournaments and Events
    All FPHQ registered events will be listed here. Make it easy for teams to find your events. FPHQ hosted events will be listed here too.

  • Use FPAlert during Weather Disruptions and for Regular Communications
    This is a great communication tool to use during the tournament. If there are any weather disruptions or major schedule changes, use FPAlert. You can get a FPAlert account for each of your tournaments. And your teams, coaches, parents, and players can all register for FREE!

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