The 2019 Junior College Kickoff Classic and Showcase will be held in Clearwater Florida on January 25 - 27, 2019. This will be the 10th Anniversary of this very successful showcase for Junior College teams. The event is hosted and managed by Fastpitch Headquarters and LDI Sports Consulting. The managing personnel of our two organizations have over 3 decades of experience in running reputable tournaments and recruiting events. Our goal is to make the JUCO Kickoff Classic a great start to your team's season.

This tournament will be held at Eddie C. Moore Park in Clearwater, Florida, only 20 minutes from Tampa International Airport or 10 minutes from the Clearwater/St Petersburg International Airport.
This Kickoff Tournament will attract JUCO teams from across Florida and from around the country. This event is designed specifically for JUCO teams. The format is totally customizable. Teams can select the number of games they want to play, and what days they want to play.
The entry fee is $110 per game, based on the number of games requested. We are determined to make this event the best JUCO Kickoff event in the country. Just let us know what you want to play.


  • All games at one park
  • JUCOs tell us how many games they want to play, and the entry fee is prorated
  • Tournament will be marketed as a recruiting event to 4 year college coaches
  • Player Profile Showcase book provided to recruiters
  • Old fashioned customer service with high tech innovation
  • As college coaches are submitting RSVPs, see the List of Recruiting College Coaches.

    Game schedule will be available for downloading around Thanksgiving. Scroll down to Tournament Game Schedule.

    If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to call Patti Shotwell at 954-540-7850 (cell) or Linda Derk at 561-632-0511 (cell). You can also email Patti at patsho@fastpitchheadquarters.com.

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    2019 JUCO Kickoff Tournament


    Eddie C Moore Park, Clearwater, Florida. Directions Available Here.


    January 25 - 27, 2017. Friday - Sunday. You can play one or more days.


    Attending teams will be posted HERE as soon as they enter. This tournament will fill soon so enter as soon as possible. We already have commitments from 26 teams, and we anticipate no more than 30-32 teams will be accepted. 


    JUCO teams select the number of games they want to play. Weather permitting, all games will be played. Teams can opt to play on one, two or all three days. However, due to increased demand from teams, we may need to restrict one day play to Friday or Sunday. We appreciate teams that can be flexible with their schedule request. We will do everything we can to accommodate your special requests. Don't be afraid to ask.


    Game schedule will be completed in November and will be sent to teams and will be posted HERE for download. 


    Entry fee is $110 per game. You will receive an invoice for total entry fee based on the number of games you want to play. Umpires are included. Teams will provide 2 new game balls each game. Full payment is due upon receipt of fee invoice/notice, but no later than November 1st. You should mail it to the address below.

    MAIL TO:

    Mail your entry fee, payable to Fastpitch Headquarters, to: Fastpitch Headquarters, 11801 NW 7th Street, Plantation, FL 33325. Be sure to include team name, contact information, and tournament name.


    For all out-of-area teams, you will receive a list of approved hotels where you can make your hotel reservations. They will have good rates, good ratings from past attendees, and will be within 15-20 minutes of the park. A Housing Agreement with more information will be emailed to you after you enter. It is MANDATORY that you book at one of the designated hotels on the hotel list that will be sent to you. We offer a variety of hotels that are either close to the park, close to airport, or close to the beach. If you have any problems selecting a hotel, please contact our Housing Director.


    Our Tournament Rules & Information have been posted. Get cancellation and refund information and learn more about aspects of the tournament. 


    Contact Patti Shotwell at patsho@fastpitchheadquarters.com via email with tournament questions or call her at 954-540-7850 (cell).
    You can also contact Linda Derk at laderk24@aol.com or call her at 561-632-0511 (cell).


    Communications with teams will be conducted via email and via FPAlerts text messaging system (last minute and urgent communications). All teams must sign up for the FREE FPAlerts service. Click HERE for more information on FPAlerts.

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    We will open the event in March for official entries.

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    The Game Schedule will be posted here, as soon as it is completed. Anticipate around Thanksgiving.
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    List of Attending Schools
    Schools will be listed as they submit RSVPs.
    Keep in mind that most schools will not RSVP until the week of the event. We anticipate about 80-100 recruiters to attend. We recommend that players contact any schools that they are interested in attending, not just the ones listed here, as they probably are coming or may come if they know you are interested in them. To see a list of past attendees, go to Past Events.

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    1. Check In - All teams must check-in at the Tournament Desk prior to their first game.

    2. Game Balls -Teams must provide two new game balls per game to the umpire at the beginning of the game, and will receive those balls back at the end of the game, if available.

    3. During the game, each team MUST have someone retrieve game balls that are hit out of play on their dugout side.

    4. Lineup Cards - You must submit a lineup card at the beginning of the game to the plate umpire and to the other team.

    5. Dugouts - The team listed first on the schedule will have the 1st base dugout. You will not have to change dugouts if you have back-to-back games. Please clean up your dugout when you leave so it is ready for the next team. Please do not leave any trash or cups.

    6. Home Team - Home team will be determined by coin toss at the beginning of the game.

    7. The designated home team will need to have a player or fan operate the scoreboard during the game, if necessary.

    8. Bat Check - Upon entering your dugout prior to your game, please immediately place ALL bats outside the dugout for Bat Check by umpires.

    9. Bat List - All teams MUST have the most current Bat List available for the umpires at the beginning of each game. Please bring multiple copies, one for each game. The most current Bat List will be advised prior to the tournament.

    10. Coolers - Tournament provides coolers with water in the dugouts. Teams should bring their own cups for the duration of the event. Teams are allowed to bring in one team cooler. No spectator coolers allowed. We also will have FREE Gatorade stations setup for the players and coaches to refill their bottles.

    11. Base coaches MUST wear helmets. This is a Florida JUCO rule and ALL teams MUST follow this rule.

    12. Injury Ice - Tournament will have ice available for injuries and icing after games. Teams should bring their own plastic ice bags. The tournament does not provide trainers on site.

    13. FPAlerts - All teams must sign up for the FREE FPAlerts text messaging service.

    14. Cancellation Policy - Once you are accepted in the tournament, if you cancel and we are unable to fill your spot, you will have a 100% cancellation fee. If we are able to fill your spot, then you will have a $100 cancellation fee.

    15. Forfeits - Forfeits are not allowed. Teams should be prepared to play all games scheduled. If you forfeit a game, you will be charged a fee not to exceed $200 in order to cover the game fee for the other team and any costs incurred.

    16. The tournament reserves the right to remove any individual (player, fan or coach) or team from competition at any time due to conduct considered detrimental or harmful to the ideals or spirit of the tournament, its staff, volunteers, officials, fans, or other participants.

    17. Hotel Requirement - All out of area teams are required to stay at one of our Tournament Approved Hotels for their hotel reservations. If you are using alternative housing, you will be required to pay a housing fee. You will receive a Housing Agreement with more information.

    18. Player Profiles - each team should designate one person on their staff to submit the player profile information for all players. We will provide you with the database template to submit. You will receive additional information regarding this requirement with the deadlines for compliance. Teams are encouraged to provide as much information about players as possible for the use of college recruiters.

    19. When your game is complete, team must exit dugout immediately and hold any post game discussions off the field. If you have a back to back game, you must clear the infield area so maintenance staff can prep field for next game.

    20. Park Rules: Park is a non-smoking facility. No pets. No alcoholic beverages.

    21. Gate Fee: The gate fee for spectators is $10 per day (over 10 years of age). There is no gate fee for team personnel. All spectators must enter park at main entrance at each complex. At complex 1, only team members are allowed to use the team entrance.

    22. Team Bus Parking - Team buses must park in designated areas and buses are not allowed to enter some areas of the parking lots. More information on this will be provided prior to event.

    23. Rain Outs - We will do whatever we can, within reason, to play all of the games in the tournament. This could include shortening the games, changing your opponent, changing your time/day/field, or cancelling games. If weather disrupts the event, we will not refund lost games.


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    For a printable pdf copy of the directions, click HERE.

    GPS Address for Park:

    Fields 1, 2, 3, 4 : 3060 Drew Street, Clearwater, FL 33759-3001
    Fields 5, 6, 7 : 2900 Drew Street, Clearwater, FL 33759-3001
    Fields 8, 9 : 2780 Drew Street, Clearwater, FL 33759-3001

    Via I-75 From the South:

    Take I-75 north.
    Merge onto I-275 N via EXIT 228 toward ST PETERSBURG (Portions toll). (29.4 miles)
    Take the SR-686/ROOSEVELT BLVD exit, EXIT 30, toward LARGO. (0.1 miles)
    Merge onto FL-686 W toward LARGO-CLEARWATER/ST PETE-CLWTR INT'L AIRPORT. (2.9 miles)
    Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto ROOSEVELT BLVD/FL-686 W. (1.3 miles)
    Merge onto CR-611 N. (4.1 miles)
    Turn LEFT onto DREW ST.
    Park is on the right. See Park Map for field location.

    Via I-75 From the North:

    Take I-75 south.
    Merge onto I-275 S via EXIT 274 toward AIRPORT/TAMPA/ST PETERSBURG (Portions toll). (21.0 miles)
    Merge onto MEMORIAL HWY/FL-60 W via EXIT 39 toward TAMPA AIRPORT/CLEARWATER. (1.8 miles)
    Take the SR-60 W exit on the LEFT toward CLEARWATER. (0.4 miles)
    Stay STRAIGHT to go onto W COURTNEY CAMPBELL CSWY/FL-60 W. Continue to follow FL-60 W. (9.7 miles)
    Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto S MCMULLEN BOOTH RD. (0.6 miles)
    Turn LEFT onto DREW ST.
    Park is on the right. See Park Map for field location.

    Via I-4 From the East:

    Take I-4 west toward TAMPA.
    Merge onto I-275 S via the exit on the LEFT toward TAMPA INTL ARPT/ST PETERSBURG (Portions toll). (5.2 miles)
    Merge onto MEMORIAL HWY/FL-60 W via EXIT 39 toward TAMPA AIRPORT/CLEARWATER. (1.8 miles)
    Take the SR-60 W exit on the LEFT toward CLEARWATER. (0.1 miles)
    Keep LEFT at the fork in the ramp. (0.3 miles)
    Stay STRAIGHT to go onto W COURTNEY CAMPBELL CSWY/FL-60 W. Continue to follow FL-60 W. (9.7 miles)
    Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto S MCMULLEN BOOTH RD. (0.6 miles)
    Turn LEFT onto DREW ST.
    Park is on the right. See Park Map for field location.
    Eddie C Moore Park

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    ALL team coaches MUST register their email addresses and their cell phone numbers in order to receive text/email communications during the tournament. We will not be able to make individual phone calls when we have last minute or late game changes due to weather or team cancellation. We will only be using this service. We highly encourage all teams to have their players and their parents register for this service as it will facilitate quick communications.

    To sign up:

    Go to http://fastpitch.ealert.com click on "Signup" in the top menu. Set up your account with an email address and a password. On the next page, select "Add Cell or Email". You can subscribe either email addresses or cell numbers. If your cell phone carrier is listed then enter it using the Cell/SMS button, but if your cell phone carrier is not listed, you will need to enter your cell phone as an email address (see information below on how to convert your cell number to an email address). After entering your email or cell number, you need to open the Subscription Category of "College Tournaments" by clicking it to open and select "College Tournament (FL) - JUCO Kickoff Classic" listed. You can also select any other groups from any category that you want to receive alerts or have previous subscribed to. You can register as many email addresses and cell phone numbers as you want.

    Once you register an email address or cell number, you will receive a confirmation text message or email right away with a verification code. Click on Modify Alerts on the Account Management page to enter the verification code and you are all set up. If you do not receive the confirmation message within a few minutes, you did not enter your email or cell number properly so check them for accuracy and try again.

    If you receive text messages only on your phone, we highly recommend that you subscribe your cell phone number in addition to your email address. You need to be able to receive these communications while away from your home computer. But if you receive emails on your phone then either or both addresses are good.

    To unsubscribe:

    If you no longer want to receive FPAlert texts or emails, you can easily unsubscribe by going to http://fastpitch.ealert.com, login to your account and cancel your subscriptions. Or when you receive a text or email, you can opt-out to no longer receive alerts.

    If you have any problems or questions, please contact Patti Shotwell at 954-540-7850.

    For a print-ready pdf of the instructions, go to FPAlerts Instructions.

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